Every vehicle which is registered to an address in the Village of Hazel Crest must have a current Village vehicle sticker. Stickers go on sale on December 1 and must be displayed by January 31. New residents must display Hazel Crest stickers within 30 days after moving to the community. Stickers are to be placed on the lower passenger side front windshield; all stickers from other communities or previous years must be removed. Officers can write vehicle sticker citations on private as well as public property.

Vehicle stickers are sold at the front desk at the municipal center and are valid for one year and expire every January 31. The cost of the sticker depends on the type of vehicle. Any one with questions can contact the Village at 335-9600 ext. 100.

Vehicle Sticker Art Contest

Hazel Crest students are invited to compete in an art contest to design the Village’s 2011 vehicle sticker. To be eligible, contestants must be 18 years or younger and residents of Hazel Crest. The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate.

The sticker will be placed on the windshield of every Hazel Crest vehicle starting January of next year.

The drawing must include:

  • Village logo shown above and indicate the year 2011 or ’11.
  • The remainder of the design is left to the student’s creativity. Here are some suggestions: Trees/Greenery; Bike paths; Healthy living; Train Station development; Transportation; Stop the Violence/Safe Community; your favorite spot in the community.
  • Artists are asked to make their drawing on a 6” x 6” plain piece of paper, which will later be reduced to the actual sticker size of 3” x 3”.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, September 17, 2010. Submit your drawing to the Village of Hazel Crest, 3000 W. 170th Street, Hazel Crest, IL 60429. You can either mail it or drop it off at the front counter. Please indicate on the outside of the envelope: “Village Sticker Contest.” Also include with your submission the contestant information form shown below.

The winner will be notified by Thursday, September 30, 2010, and will be asked to attend an October 13, 2010 Village Board meeting to be recognized

More information is available at 335-9600, Ext. 106.