President Alsberry and the Board of Trustees have cleaned up the old gas station on 175th and Dixie Highway. “The only way to turn things around is to re-invest in yourself.” Hazel Crest is setting the bar high to clean up the town.

Plans are in motion to solicit funding through IEPA (Illinois Environmental Protection Agency) for any necessary remediation which may be necessary on this site. Hazel Crest Public Works Department worked feverishly to remove all immediate hazards, all debris, overgrowth, weed infestation, cut the grass and swept the lot clean.

Hazel1 Hazel3 Hazel2

President Alsberry also has “graffiti clean up” work performed by the Public Works crews. Graffiti on signs at in Pacesetter and on Oakwood was removed.   “This effort will continue to demonstrate the concern and respect that Hazel Crest has for its resident’s health, safety and well-being;” said President Alsberry.

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