Vietnam War Veteran Commemorative Ceremony To Be

HAZEL CREST  Hazel Crest Village President Vernard Alsberry Jr. is urging all Hazel Crest residents and south suburban military families to participate in the Vietnam War Veteran Commemorative Ceremony honoring the sacrifices of veterans and military families during the Vietnam War, which began substantial escalation 50 years ago. “As an Air Force Veteran who has many friends and relatives who are Vietnam War veterans, I believe we need to show them that their service to their country is both appreciated and honorable. When you are a soldier serving in the field of battle, the origin or popularity or geopolitical ramifications of a war are beyond your control. As a member of the United States military your duty is to your country, your troops and your family and the hope that you are helping preserve and promote freedom,” said Alsberry. This should not be misconstrued as celebrating a violent conflict, which all military personnel always hope to avoid. We are honoring the brave men and women who risked and sacrificed both life and limb and mental and emotional health to perform their sworn duty on behalf of America, its allies and innocent people whose freedom was in jeopardy. Citizens of Hazel Crest applied to the U.S. Department of Defense to become an official Vietnam War Commemoration Partner. The ceremony honoring Vietnam War veterans will be held on June 13, 2015 at the Hazel Crest Village Hall beginning at 9:00 AM. The local commemorative ceremony committee is led by former military personal who are Hazel Crest residents and they have been working diligently for months to make sure the ceremony and the subsequent fellowship community picnic are well organized. “I will be in attendance and I have informed the committee members that I am available for any task the committee wants me to perform,” said Alsberry. Alsberry is inviting members of the media whose parents or grandparents served as United States military personnel, in federal agencies, the USO or otherwise supported the war effort to participate in coverage of the event and the planning of the event.

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