IL. Premise Alert Program

Residents can now register for the Illinois Premise Alert Program by picking up an application form in the Municipal Center lobby, at the Police Department or Fire Station #2. A form can also be downloaded from the click here website. The program allows people with special needs or disabilities to provide information to police, fire, and EMS personnel that will be stored in a database maintained by the E-COM Dispatch Center for use in an emergency situation. This vital information can then be used by first responders dealing with situations or emergencies involving the special needs individuals. All information provided will be kept confidential. The information will automatically expire two (2) years after the date submitted, and residents must renew the form if they want the information retained in the database. Individuals must understand that the information provided to the Premise Alert Program will not result in any type of preferential treatment to the individual and that the Village, its police and fire departments, or any other responding agencies will not be held liable for duties relating to the reporting of special needs individuals. For more information, call the Police Department at 335-9640, or the Fire Department at 335-9630.

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